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Update – Oakdale & E 9th Traffic Diversion


The highly anticipated permanent median at E 9th and Oakdale is set to begin installation the week of October 23rd.


  • Monday, October 16, 2023  – calling in locates for all utility infrastructure flagging
  • Monday, October 23, 2023  – The engineering consultant and survey company will be staking the project area
  • Tuesday, October 24, 2023  – The Public Works Team and Engineering Consultant will be laying the sleeve for the water main
  • Wednesday, October 25, 2023  –  Condor, the Town’s concrete contractor will be pouring the curb and median.


After this, The Public Works team will assist Ms. Hearst in installing the plantings she created from her field discussions with area residents. Ms. Hearst will work directly with the Public Works team to ensure the plantings are installed to her specifications.

State Appropriations for Roadway Improvements

UPDATE: The Florida State Legislature has approved $1,500,000 in State funding toward teh Windermere Rd and Main Intersection Improvement Projects!


The Town has submitted Appropriation Requests to the State of Florida to obtain funding for Roadway Improvements.

Road Improvements (Maguire Road & Windermere Road, 6th Avenue & Main Street, and Chase Road & Main Street) – Continued growth to the southwest of Windermere has increased the cut-through traffic through Town. 75% of the cut-through traffic is generated by neighboring communities. Traffic congestion continues to increase along roads such as 6th Avenue, Main Street, and Chase Road.  Congestion has become an unavoidable problem for drivers, particularly during peak hours. The goal of this project will be to reduce the cut-through traffic on local roads, reduce accidents, reduce vehicular contaminants which filter into the lakes from cut through traffic on the dirt roads, create safer streets, enhanced opportunities for local businesses to thrive, and ease the traffic congestion which currently exists.

Specifically, the Town is looking to replace the stop signs at Chase Road & Main Street and Maguire Road & Windermere Road with roundabouts, and would like to improve the existing roundabout on 6th Avenue & Main Street.

Send support letters to your legislators! Download and fill out the documents below, and mail or email to your legislator. For Windermere residents, Carolina Amesty is your representative and Dennis Baxley is your senator.

2023 Roadway Improvements Resident Letter Rep AMESTY
2023 Roadway Improvements Resident Letter Sen. BAXLEY
2023 Roadway Improvements Letter GENERIC

Oakdale & E 9th Traffic Pattern Change beginning August 18, 2022