Elder Affairs Committee

Are you a Windermere “Elder,” 60+ who is looking to socialize and enjoy great food?
You’re invited to join our Elder Luncheons!
Following a long tradition of residents gathering for a monthly potluck social, interest began to fade. Some of the older residents wanted to continue the meetings with food and gathering of friends. In 1996, the Town organized an Elders Committee to assisting in continuing this event.
The Elders Committee has grown to 20 volunteers who provide food, education, and entertainment for our residents 60+.
Unless otherwise specified, the committee hosts Elder Luncheons on the first Tuesday of February, April, October, and December every year.

We hope to see you there!


Margi Orozco
Sandra Burgess
Lucy Cogswell
Maggie Dimino
Laura Dowling
Nancy Smith
Kaye Gerding
Ginna Foster
Cindy Strube
Vicki Hearst
Ted Kellogg
Denise Strube
Pam Martini
Lesha Miller
Colleen Williams
Lori Montgomery
Nancy Nix

Council Liaison: Andy Williams