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Cyber Security and Online Safety

Staying safe online is as much a community effort as it is an individual one. No one is immune from online predators or scams. Scammers and predators target the most vulnerable, so education is your greatest defense in staying safe. Below you will find resources for individuals, parents, and seniors, as well as links to current known scams and reporting potential new scams directly to the FBI.

Windermere PD is here to help keep our residents safe, both in the community and online. If you would like to speak with WPD regarding online safety, have further questions about how to stay safe, would like to be added to the Windermere Safety Watch newsletter list, or want to alert us about a new scam going around, please call 407-876-3757.

Avoid Cyber Scams: Check out this awesome Power Point put together by Jason Burt of the Department of Homeland Security! CISA – Cyber Scams

Avoid Scams Related to Economic Payments COVID-19

File a Complaint with the FBI

Scams Related to Corona Virus

Best Practices for Staying Safe Online

More Tips for Staying Safe

Internet Fraud

Identity Theft

Sex Offender Registry

Protect Your Kids

FBI Kids