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Administration - Official Website of the Town of Windermere, Florida


The Administration Department is responsible for:

  • Providing the overall direction for the Town in accordance with the policies established by the Town Council
  • Assuring that operations are conducted economically, efficiently, and effectively
  • Overseeing programs, operations and policies
  • Preparing, reviewing, and monitoring the annual operating budget for the Town

Town Manager

The Town Manager is responsible for:

  • Making recommendations to Town Council
  • Implementing any action taken by Town Council
  • Making budget recommendations to Town Council
  • Overseeing Town departments


Robert Smith, Town Manager

Office: (407) 876-2563 x 5324
Cell: (407) 797-5004


Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant is responsible for:

  • Internal and Public Communication
    • Website Updates
    • Social Media
    • Town App Notifications
  • Creating and Publishing Agendas and Meetings
  • Rentals
    • Town Hall
    • Community Room
    • Pavilions
  • Town Events
  • Calendar Updates
  • Meetings with the Town Manager

Brianna Wilson, Executive Assistant

Direct Line: (407) 909-5321
Cell: (689) 221-7775


Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for:

  • General Inquiries
  • Notary Services for Residents
  • Permits
    • Park Pass
    • Fernwood Pedestrian Pass
    • Tennis Member Pass
    • Garage Sale
    • Open House
    • Special Event
  • Food Truck Nights
    • New Applicants
    • Vendors
    • Sponsors
  • Orange County Interlocal Water Agreement Service Requests

Lilian Colli, Administrative Assistant

Office: (407) 876-2563 x 5327

(Monday – Friday; 8:00am – 5:00pm)

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