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Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is a written document that provides a “blueprint” for growth and development of all land within the prescribed area, such as a Town or County. Comprehensive plans are required by Florida Statutes to be written for every city and county in Florida. Each plan is divided into chapters, known as “elements” which are subject areas such as land use, traffic circulation, housing, solid waste, drainage, sanitary sewer, recreation, aquifer recharge and more. All development occurring within the Town is required by state and local law to be compatible with the adopted comprehensive plan.

Ordinance 2018-01
Windermere Future Land Use Map 2035
Comprehensive Plan 2030 Volume 1: Adopted Goals, Objectives, & Policies
Comprehensive Plan 2030 Volume 2: Data & Analysis

Town Center Design Guidelines

Election Information

View the election information here.

Please contact Dorothy Burkhalter (Town Clerk) at 407-876-2563 x 5323 with any questions.

Your local voting precinct will be at 520 Main Street, inside of historical Town Hall.

As a reminder, political and election campaign signs not exceeding four square feet in area may be displayed by an owner or tenant on their property without a permit.

If you have questions or see anyone violating the Town’s sign ordinance, please call 407-876-2563 ext 5330.

Mayor's Office

The Mayor is elected by the Town’s voters to a two-year term. Mayor O’Brien is currently on his third term for the Town of Windermere.

His responsibilities include:

  • Enforcing the provisions of the Charter, ordinances, and all
    applicable general laws
  • Making recommendations to the Town Council on matters of
    public interest
  • Attending meetings of the Town Council and taking part in 
  • Chairs all of the Town Council Meetings and Workshops
  • Mayor O’Brien is also the Windermere Liaison for the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, the MetroPlan Advisory Board, and the SAC

Mayor Jim O’Brien
315 Butler Street 
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 407-217-2214


The Town’s Codes and Ordinances can now be accessed via online through Municode.

To ensure that the code is current to your specific issue, please confirm with the Town Clerk if there have been any changes to the codes prior to posting dates.

Town Budget

This year’s budget mission was to preserve the level of service and quality of life that the Town residents and our customers are accustomed all while maintaining the Town’s financial viability. Town Staff and Councilwoman Rose were able to achieve that mission with conservative estimates of revenue, controlling expenditures, streamlining services, department reorganization, and better planning.

  • Some of the budget highlights that will be presented are as follows:
  • Maintaining the current millage rate at 3.7896 which is below the roll back rate.
  • Increase Reserves to 18-20%. Currently 9%
  • Amend Health Care program for the Employees to mirror both private and public health care programs.
  • Reorganization of Public Works Department to allow for better service and better planning.
  • Fleet Replacement Program for both Public Works and Police Department.
  • Capital Enhancement projects for both Public Facilities and Streets/Roads.
  • Creation of Special Magistrate for Code Enforcement Hearings.

Town of Windermere’s Fiscal year is from October 1-September 30

Click here to view current and past year’s budgets and Certified Annual Financial Reports (“CAFR”).

Town Council

Council Member Loren “Andy” Williams
903 Rosser Road 
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 407-947-3195
Council Member Loren Williams is on his third term for the Town of Windermere. He is the Council Liaison for the Development Review Board, the Elder Affairs Committee, and the Holiday Social Committee. Council Member Williams is also the alternate for the School Advisory Committee, and is Mayor Pro Tem.
Council Member Mandy David
2506 Tryon Place 
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 407-850-8377
Council Member Mandy David is on her second term for the Town of Windermere. She is the Town Council Liaison for the Food Truck / Farmers Market Selection Committee and the Parks & Recreation Committee.
Council Member Tony Davit
11059 Schooner Way, 
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 321-247-7898
Council Member Tony Davit is on his second term for the Town of Windermere. He is the Town Council Liaison for the Historic Preservation Board and the Public Works Department. Council Member Davit is also the alternate for MetroPlan and the West Orange Chamber of Commerce.
Council Member Tom Stroup
201 W 7th Avenue 
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 407-920-9729
Council Member Tom Stroup is on his first term for the Town of Windermere. He is the Town Council Liaison for the Long Range Planning Committee, the Windermere Police Department, and the Windermere Tree Board.
Council Member Brandi Haines
835 Oakdale St. Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 407-494–
Our new Council Member Brandi Haines is on her first term for the Town of Windermere.