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Town Hall Enhancements

Town Hall is an invaluable and historic structure in our town. Town Staff is committed to preserving this century-old landmark for future generations to enjoy. We have listened to residents’ concerns and comments regarding the need to repair and refurbish Town Hall. Due to this commitment, Public Works requested that Town Council approve engaging with Tom Price Architects to perform architectural services to repair and refurbish Town Hall. Once a draft plan is completed, Town Staff will hold public input sessions with the community. These public information workshops will be used to gain resident feedback and set the course for repairs to begin.


As a registered historic landmark, the Town is committed to maintaining the historical integrity of Town Hall. In order to maintain its status as a historic landmark, repairs and updates must be in alignment with historic standards. All proposed changes will be presented to Town residents for review and comment. There will not be any significant changes made to the architecture or design of Town Hall.

Effect of National Historic Place (NHP) Listing on Alternations to Town Hall

The Town Hall was added to the NHP listing in June 1994. However, pursuant to the applicable Federal Regulations and guidance provided by the National Park Service, the Federal NHP listing does not impose any Federal restrictions or limitations on demolition, alterations, or new construction for the Town Hall if there is not Federal funding. In addition, if no State funding is involved, then the State also does not impose any restrictions or limitations on demolition, alterations, or new construction for the Town Hall. Without Federal or State funding, impacts to Town Hall are only regulated under Town local regulation in Section 3.01.00, LDC.   However, if Federal or State funding is involved in the Town Hall project, then reviews by Federal and State agencies are required in additional to local Town review under Section 3.01.00, LDC . See image below of the National Park Service’s FAQ on the impact of NHP listing.



At this time, there are no plans for Federal or State funding to be used for the Town Hall project.  Consequently, only the Town regulations in Section 3.01.00 LDC  must be met for the Town Hall project. Below is a summary of the major points of Section 3.01.00, LDC, that are applicable to the Town Hall project.


1. For the Town’s historic review requirements to apply, the Town Hall must be listed in the Town’s local listing of historic places.


2. Section 3.01.03, states that if the alterations to a local listed historic place result in maintaining the original appearance of the local listed historic place, then the Town Manager is authorized to approve the alternations without any additional review or approval.  “Original appearance” is defined in Section 3.01.01, LDC, as

“Original appearance means that appearance (except for color) which, to the satisfaction of the town manager, closely resembles the appearance of either:

(1) The feature on the building as it was originally built or was likely to have been built; or

(2) The feature on the building as it presently exists so long as the present appearance is appropriate, in the opinion of the manager, to the style and materials of the building.”


3. If the alterations are not ordinary maintenance nor maintain the original appearance of the local listed historic place, then the alterations, which are specifcally listed in Section 3.01.03(1), LDC, must be reviewed by the Town’s Historic Preservation Board to approve a “certificate of appropriateness” for the alterations under the review criteria of Section 3.01.03(2), LDC, and the procedure under Section 3.01.03(3), LDC.


Documents such as meeting agendas and minutes as well as plans will be posted as they are received. If you are unable to locate what you’re looking for, please contact Town Clerk, Dorothy Burkhalter 407-876-2563 x5323.



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