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1st & Forest Drainage Improvements



The Town has many stormwater improvement projects planned for the upcoming year.  The first project to get underway will be the First Avenue and Forest Street Project, which will address flooding and improve drainage within this basin.  This improvement project includes the regrading of Forest Street and First Avenue, and upgrades to the existing drainage system.  Work will involve the regrading of the dirt road, regrading and reshaping of the existing swales, modification of the existing drainage system, and drainage/piping installation.

The Town is happy to report that we will begin work on the First and Forest Drainage project shortly. As with all construction projects schedules are tentative and dependent on the weather and materials delivery.  However, if all holds strong we anticipate  mobilization, receipt of stormwater structures, and the layout of the erosion control materials next week (Jan 17th).  The anticipated project completion date is April 15th.