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Tree Removal

Per FL Statute 163.045:
Tree pruning, trimming, or removal on residential property.—
(1) A local government may not require a notice, application, approval, permit, fee, or mitigation for the pruning, trimming, or removal of a tree on residential property if the property owner obtains documentation from an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture or a Florida licensed landscape architect that the tree presents a danger to persons or property.
(2) A local government may not require a property owner to replant a tree that was pruned, trimmed, or removed in accordance with this section.


On May 18, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 0518 which revised FL Statute 163.045 (above). The revised law went into effect on July 1, 2022.

The revisions provide clarity to both ISA-certified Arborists as well as Florida residents as to what is meant by the phrases “presents a danger,” “documentation,” and “residential property.”

If you have questions regarding what this law means for you as a resident of Windermere, please contact Windermere Public Works Director, Tonya Elliott-Moore 407-876-2563 ext 5325.