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Windermere Police Department Operation Easter Bunny


Join Windermere Police Department on Saturday, April 8, 2023 as they escort the Easter Bunny through town.

Beginning at 10am in Estancia, the Easter Bunny with make his way through Windermere, ending around 12pm. When you hear the sirens, come on out! WPD and Town Staff will be throwing bags of eggs and candy to kids along the Town ROW.

Route to include:
Estancia, The Willows, Marina Bay, The Manors, Park Avenue & side streets, Lake Butler Blvd & South Lake Butler Blvd, Oakdake & side streets, Ridgewood, Magnolia, Windermere Oaks, Sunset Bay, Windermere Reserve, Pine St., and most of the numbered roads on either side of Main St.

Parents, please inspect the Easter bags before letting young children eat anything for allergies. Some eggs will contain small toys as well.

Approximate Route

Route is approximate and is subject to change

  1. Start on Estancia Woods Loop 10:00 am
  2. Make a right on to Maguire Road towards Windermere Road
  3. Make a left into Marina Bay
  4. Straight on Windermere Road
  5. Make a right onto Willow Brick Road and follow the circle
  6. Make a left back onto Windermere Road
  7. Make a right onto Maguire Road
  8. Make a left on Bayshore Drive
  9. Make a left on Maguire Road
  10. Make a right on Park Avenue
  11. Make a right on Tryon Place
  12. Make a right on Park Avenue
  13. Make a left on Wax Berry Court
  14. Make a left on Park Avenue
  15. Make a left on Bay Meadow Court
  16. Make a left on Park Avenue
  17. Make a left on Wild Myrtle Court
  18. Straight across onto Marquesas Court
  19. Make a right onto Park Avenue
  20. Make a right onto Sunbittern Court
  21. Make a right on Park Avenue
  22. Make a left on Lake Butler Blvd
  23. Make a right on Maguire Road
  24. Make a right on 1st Avenue
  25. Make left on Pine Street
  26. Make a right onto 2nd Avenue
  27. Make a right onto Palm Street
  28. Make a left onto 4th Avenue
  29. Make a left on Butler Street
  30. Make a right on 2nd Avenue
  31. Make a right on Forest Street
  32. Make a right on 7th Avenue
  33. Make a right on Butler Street
  34. Make a right on 5th Avenue
  35. Make a right on Main Street
  36. Make a left on 12th Avenue
  37. Make a left on Oakdale Street
  38. Make a left on 1st Avenue
  39. Make a right on Magnolia Street
  40. Make a left on 8th Avenue
  41. Make a left on Bessie Street
  42. Make a right on 6th Avenue
  43. Make a left on Lake Street
  44. Make a right on Ridgewood Drive
  45. Make a left on 6th Avenue
  46. Make a left on Jennifer Lane
  47. Make a left on 6th Avenue
  48. Make a left on Down Point Lane
  49. Make a left on 6th Avenue
  50. Make a left on Horizon Circle
  51. END

2022 Event Photos

2022’s Operation Easter Bunny was a success! WPD assembled and delivered over 400 bags to residents within the 2.2 square miles of Windermere. These bags were made of 2,000 eggs and almost 10,000 pieces of candy.

Watch the recap here!