Town Hall Rentals

Windermere Town Hall

Thank you for inquiring about the Windermere Town Hall as your event venue. The Town Hall is available for rental on a first-come, first-served basis with Town-sponsored events taking precedence. To reserve your date, a deposit of $250 (money order or check made payable to The Town of Windermere; we do not accept cash) and a completed RENTAL AGREEMENT are required. All deposits are processed as/are a separate charge from the rental fee. A reimbursement check will be mailed to you after Public Works has completed your exit report.

The Windermere Town Hall is on the National Historic Registry. Please carefully review the rules and regulations contained within the RENTAL AGREEMENT to ensure that you do not forfeit part or all of your deposit, but that you receive a full refund of that deposit. If you have questions regarding any of the policies within this agreement, please contact Diane Edwards, Windermere Administrative Assistant (407-876-2563 ext 5321).

Please note the following:

  • Town meetings and functions take precedence over private events. Certain months there may be a delay in booking to allow Town boards & committees first choice on event dates (generally these will be March, April, September, October, and December).
  • We do not have A/V equipment for use by renters.
  • We require at least 30 days notice to book events.
  • We do not book events more than 1 year in advance.
  • During the holiday season (November – January), there will be a large tree as well as mantle/stage decorations in Town Hall. The tree and mantle/stage decorations will not be (re)moved or altered for private functions.
  • The person who fills out the contract must be the person to make all payments.
  • We do not accept any cash payments. The deposit must be made with a check or money order made out to the Town of Windermere, but the balance may be paid with a credit card (no American Express). 

Fees and capacity:

DEPOSIT $250 $250
FULL DAY** $500 $1,500
1 HOUR $150 $450
2 HOURS $225 $525
3 HOURS $300 $600
4 HOURS $375 $875

*Resident is defined as dwelling within the incorporated limits of Windermere. As Windermere is approximately 2-square miles, not every “Windermere” address is actually incorporated; ex: Summerport and Keenes’s Pointe are not actually within Windermere, and therefore would pay the non-resident rates. Please contact Diane Edwards to determine whether your address falls within the incorporated boundaries of Windermere, or visit the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Website; incorporated addresses will show municipality as “Windermere,” while un-incorporated addresses will show “un-incorporated.”

**Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are billed as full-days regardless of how long a renter will utilize Town Hall. We do not book more than one rental per weekend day. For a full day rental, access to Town Hall begins at 7:00am the day of the event. Early entry to set up is not permitted. All trash, personal decorations, food, rental furniture, etc. must be removed by 1:00am the following morning.

Capacity is as follows:
Town Hall main hall – 125
Town Hall stage – 12
Town Hall porch – 65

Included in the rental are tables, chairs, set up/take down of tables and chairs, as well as access to the kitchen. Please turn THIS FORM into Diane Edwards 2 weeks prior to your event to ensure you have tables and chairs set up.