Windermere Recreation Center – Temporarily CLOSED

ParksTraffic & Safety — Thursday, October 20, 2022
The Windermere Recreation Center remains temporarily closed.


Debris from Hurricane Ian must be logged and certified through FEMA at designated sites to be hauled away. Windermere Recreation Center is the only State-certified debris drop off site located in Windermere. We are currently collecting 600-700 yards of debris daily from homes in town, with no sign of slowing down, as more and more debris is brought out onto Town ROW as old piles are removed.


Due to the debris piles and large equipment at WRC posing a safety hazard to the general public, the parkĀ  has been temporarily closed. We do not have an estimated date that it will reopen. Once the volume of debris needing to be collected tapers off, Town staff will be able to provide an estimate of when WRC can be cleared and opened.


We appreciate your patience as we continue to recover from Hurricane Ian. Many people throughout the state of Florida suffered significant damage because of Ian, we are grateful that the damage done in Windermere was not worse. The Town of Windermere has numerous other parks and amenities such as tennis courts, pavilions, playgrounds, and boardwalks to enjoy while the Recreation Center serves its crucial role as a FEMA debris site. View all of the Town’s parks and amenities here.