Street & Area Light Repair Tool

Traffic & Safety — Wednesday, May 12, 2021

New, from Duke Energy. Reporting light requests is now easier with Duke Energy’s Street & Area Light Repair tool. This tool allows you to contact Duke to identify light issues and outages, request new light installations and receive updates on your repair’s status.

Why use the tool?
• To report a broken streetlight or fixture
• To request a new light or LED lighting
• To report a light that is too dim or too bright
Please note: If the light you are reporting is creating a hazardous condition, you should call Duke immediately at 800.769.3766 or call 911.

Identify the location:
Using the tool, you have the ability to search an address, business name, cross street, or even a pole number to mark the light you would like to be repaired. Want a closer look or in the exact location? Check out Street View or Location options.

Tell Duke about the light:
Once you identify the light’s location, you will be asked to select the option that best describes the issue occurring, as well as your observations. Is the light always on? Is there an obstruction? Is the light quality poor? Are you requesting a new light? Let Duke know.

Follow up and status updates:
As Duke gets started on your request, they may need to contact you to clarify some details. When providing your contact details, you can also opt to receive updates on restoration times and get notified when the request is complete.

How to report a light repair:
Visit to make a request, get repair notifications and check your repair status, or call customer service at 800.700.8744.