Severe Weather Road Repairs Underway

Public WorksTraffic & Safety — Thursday, September 21, 2023
Last night, September 20, the Town of Windermere was hit by a very fast storm with hard and heavy rainfall. As a result, several dirt roads throughout town sustained damages.
Public Works has been on-site since 7am this morning making repairs to the list of roads below. Please exercise extra caution as you drive, walk, or bike through the below listed areas.
Public Works is working as fast as they can to safety and effectively make these repairs. They are a 4-man crew, so your patience is much appreciated!
If you notice an area that needs work that is not listed below, please reach out to Public Works directly by calling 407-909-5333. Public Works may not be immediately notified of comments left on social media.
  • Butler Street between W 1st Avenue & W 2nd Avenue
  • Butler Street & W 4th Avenue
  • E 3rd Avenue & Magnolia Street
  • E 4th Avenue & Magnolia Street
  • E 5th Avenue & Magnolia Street
  • E 7th Avenue & Bessie Street
  • E 7th Avenue & Magnolia Street
  • E 8th Avenue & Oakdale Street
  • E 9th Avenue between East Avenue & Oakdale Street
  • Oakdale Street between E 2nd Avenue & E 3rd Avenue
  • Old Dirt Main by the pedestrian overpass
  • W 2nd Avenue & Pine Street
  • W 3rd Avenue & Forest Street
  • W 3rd Avenue & Palm Street