Incomplete Recycling Route – June 28, 2022

Public Works — Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Per WastePro, the recycling route was incomplete on Tuesday, June 28. The routes will be completed, as always, the next business day. The missed areas are highlighted in yellow and include portions of Main Street, Maguire, Lake Butler, Park Avenue, the Manors, the Willows, Bayshore Drive, Marina Bay, portions of Oakdale, and E 7th – E 12th.
If you believe your yard waste was missed and it is not highlighted in yellow, please contact WastePro to schedule a pickup – 407-447-0800 or use their portal at the top of this page, where you will find other waste collection resources as well.
WastePro and the Town thank you for your continued patience as the entire industry faces severe labor shortages and replacement parts are held up in the supply chain. WastePro has met with Town staff and assures that they are doing everything possible to maintain operations.