Ask Our Legislators to Support State Funding for Windermere Projects

Projects Updates — Tuesday, April 06, 2021

You may have heard about some of the projects happening in Town!

Earlier this year, Town Staff worked hard to submit funding requests to the State. We are proud to announce that, with the help of co-sponsors Representative Geraldine Thompson and Senator Victor Torres, several House Bills have been drafted that would appropriate state funds to pay for three major projects through Town!

  • HBs 2691, 2693, & 2695 would provide $10,281,000 to fund the Windermere Water Master Plan North, Central, and South. Read more here.
  • HB 2579 would provide $760,000 to fund the multi-modal Windermere Ward Trail. Read more here.
  • HB 2581 would provide $600,000 to fund the new pedestrian bridge. Read more here.

At each of the links above, you will find information related to each project as well as letters you can personalize and send to Representative Thompson and Senator Torres either via email or regular mail.

Don’t live local, but still want to help? We have a letter template that you can send to your Florida House Rep and State Senator, too!

The passage of these bills will not only save Windermere taxpayers millions of dollars, but will beautify our community, protect the environment, make Windermere more accessible for the elderly and those with mobility needs, and increase safety for all who live, work, or visit Windermere.