11/16/2020 Vehicle Burglaries

— Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Please see the linked videos and below statement from Chief Ogden

11/16/2020 Vehicle Burglaries

“We had several auto burglaries during the early morning hours within the Town limits of Windermere.  Our reports, thus far, have occurred on Oakdale St. and in Estancia Woods subdivision.  WPD officers have taken seven auto burglary reports with some homes experiencing more than one vehicle burglarized.   While several of the vehicles were unlocked, three were not and forcible entry was made by smashing out the windows.  Cash, sunglasses, and miscellaneous items were taken from the vehicles.  It is possible more vehicles were burglarized than we know at this time.


Officers canvassed the area and were able to secure several surveillance videos of the suspects and their vehicle.   The vehicle appears to be a grey or blue four door vehicle, possibly a Honda Civic type.   There were three suspects that can be seen from different camera perspectives around Town.  All three suspects appear to be males. One had a dark colored outfit with a light stripe down the seam of the pants and also down the seam of the jacket all the way to the arms.  He was wearing white tennis shoes and a dark colored head cap.  Another male appeared to have a dark colored shirt and orange shorts and hat (possible watch on right hand).  The third subject can only be seen from a distance and inside another vehicle.


The earliest video obtained was from the 500 block of Oakdale at approx. 1:15 am. when a suspect in shorts can be seen walking northbound next to the vehicle as it (vehicle) drove slowly down the roadway.  The suspect appears to tug on a vehicle’s door in the driveway with several vehicles, but does not gain entry to commit a burglary.   We anticipate this happened at other locations as well.  At approximately 1:30 am they made their way to Estancia Woods.


We are asking all residents to review any surveillance systems between the hours of midnight to 3:00 am Monday, November 16, 2020.  Even if your vehicle wasn’t burglarized your camera could have captured incidents like the one at the 500 block of Oakdale St. where access just wasn’t gained.  Over the past several years we have found it is not uncommon for individuals committing a rash of auto burglaries in one swoop would often first steal a vehicle to use.  We are working leads to that end.


If you have any information please contact Detective John Allen at 407-909-5306, or by emailing him at .


As always stay safe,


Chief Dave Ogden”